How Do I Care For A Puppy Who’s Ears Wear Cropped With Scissors?

I found a poor little pitbull puppy walking down my street a few hours ago, It’s ears appear to have been cropped with scissors; the edges of her ears are black and crusty? What can I do for the puppy, she looks to be in pain. I don’t have much money for a vet.

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  • BMTHESPI says:

    The pup needs medical care if you can’t afford a vet you need to try to get him to a rescue or shelter as soon as possible. Cropped with scissors he is at a high risk of infection and also likely in pain. Be careful turning him over to a city/county shelter some have an automatic euthanzia policy for pitbull type dogs. If there is a pitbull rescue in your area it would be best to try to contact them first, if not start with no-kill rescues before taking him to a city/county shelter

  • Dances With Woofs! says:

    Of course she is in pain! I would love to get hold of whoever did that to her.Gently wash the crust off with warm water and soap,rinse,dry gently and apply a triple antibiotic cream. You might want to call your local animal control officer and report this abuse,because that’s what it is. Anyone who cuts a puppy’s ears off with scissors needs to go to jail.

  • Miki the Malamute<3 says:

    There are usually vets who are willing to help you with a payment plan, you NEED to call around and get some help. The dogs ears could get infected, they may all ready have taken that turn. If you cannot afford a vet period then you need to take her to the SPCA or another reputable shelter so she can get the help and home she deserves. Think of her! And thanks for taking her in. I know you only want to help. 🙂

  • Pr_Mami_ says:

    put tons of neosporine on it and feed it give it water wash the affected area 8 times a day with peroxide when done lots of triple anti biotic neosporine if it doesn’t improve give it to the aspca gangrene can kill the puppy very fast if the crustiness
    continues its gangrene

  • Bree says:

    Bring her into a no-kill shelter. Some shelters euthanize pitbulls as a rule. If you can’t pay for a vet, you can’t afford to keep a dog.

  • Nancy U says:

    If you can’t afford vet care, have your local shelter come and pick the dog up. He needs medical attention.

  • Liss says:

    Call the humane society to come pick this pup up and take it for treatment, it needs to see a Vet!!

  • Leanna E says:

    Find out whoever did that and beat the hell out of them in my opinion.