Homemade Dog Food Nutrition?

I am interested in making homemade dog food for my 3 year old chihuahua and my 12 week old malchi. I have found a few recipes, but I need more information on what nutritional guide to go by. Like how much meat and which vegetables and fruits to use and how much. I am not interested in the raw food diet since they include bones and being that my dogs are little and one is so young. Also with the raw diets, I hear there is risk of e. coli. I definitely want to cook mine. Also which vitamins or supplements are the best to add? Thank you!

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  • Think outside the bag says:

    I have fed my dog on raw meat, meaty bones and offal since she was nine weeks old. Her pups will be weaned straight onto this diet too.
    The risk of bacterial contaimination is actually higher in cooked and minced meats that are being stored than a solid chunk of meaty bone. Commercial foods are frequently recalled due to contamination – both human and animal, so to say that raw food is riskier is a fallacy.
    Dogs are NOT human – their digestive system is designed for raw meat, skin, bones and offal not vegetables, fruits and grains. Please read the attached links before you discount a raw diet. The millions of raw feeders around the world are just not experiencing the so-called problem of bacteria with their dogs.

  • keezymam says:

    Wendy Volhard wrote a book on this topic

  • rrarr17 says:

    Dogs are carnivores, they are meant to eat raw meat. Feral/wild dogs, wolves, hyenas, etc all eat raw meat all the time and they never suffer from e. coli, salamonella or any other bacterial diseases that humans get from raw meat.
    Dogs have a much different digestive system and will not suffer problems from raw meat- especially if the meat is human quality.
    Bones are excellent sources of calcium for your dog and the best natural way for it- dairy products are not good on a dogs stomach, so calcium is the way to go. But, you cannot cook bones and feed them to dogs as they will splinter and cause major internal problems.
    You can feed raw chicken with bones in, and your dogs will love it. Even small dogs can eat the small bones.. Trust me, they’ll be ok.
    If you feed a dog correctly with the BARF diet, you will not need to add any vitamins or supplements. The only reason there are so many in manufactured dog food is because they are not sufficient otherwise. Raw meat, fruits and vegetables will give everything they need…
    Fish is good, but I’m not sure if its ok to feed cooked. Definitely with the bones and skin (and head, even if you can stomach it!) it should be raw.. And raw fish is consumed by humans.. 😛

  • graygerm says:

    e.coli already grows in your dogs gut . Its a natural flora.
    I do not reccomend home “cooking” of dog foods, too much fat here or there, and not enough good stuff is just one to many worries. Cooking actualy kills Live enzymes that would naturaly help in the digestive process, fries meat with the fat ( making it harder to digest ) . Not including bones , even if just raw chicken bones , you are restricting your dog to Iron Bones is where the Blood is made and the marrow is . You need to include and be confortable with handling Guts and Livers and hearts ext. I have seen people selling raw diets , one here in California was called ” the Best Darn Dog food” He is a small time guy that cooks in resterants after hours making his fresh dog food in small batches. I am sure there are others out there.
    I like Life’s abundance dog food, Its compleate Holistic , made here in the US out of US grown meats grains and products. It has live enzymes and probacterias. Its Started by leading SPCA NY Vet Dr. Jane Bicks.
    Good luck either way .. To me its too hard , but you may be a super star at it 🙂

  • Sam W says:

    As more people understand the importance of nutrition to their own health, they’re starting to consider what’s in their dog’s food bowl as well.
    Here are a lot of easy-to-do healthy recipes for your dog: go to dogtime dot com, on the right side click on “food & nutrition” and on the right side under food&nutrition topics, click on “dog food recipes”.
    hope this will help

  • Misa M says:

    Hey there. Best thing by far is to pick up a copy of Dr. Pitcairn’s book -http://www.dogwise.com/itemdetails.cfm?I…
    Detailed, but easy to follow. He discusses the raw diet in the book but that is not the main point of the book, so you’ll get a lot out of it. good luck!