Help!!! Very Important Question About Dog’s Nutrition?

Hi again, I have a 12lb 2 year old shih tzu and I’ve decided to start making him home made meals… but my question is how much of what is he supposed to eat per day? If I make him turkey meat with mixed veggies and some rice how much should I serve him per day? And does that sound like a healthy meal for him?
He is a very picky eater and Ive decided its just simpler this way.

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  • Kara S says:

    If you decide to fix your dog homemade meals, try going online, where there’s a lot of healthy recipes for dogs. You won’t need to give them as much food as you did with dog food though, because you have to remember that home made meals will have more calories and fat, so you don’t want your dog over eating. Also, from the meal in your description, the veggies and rice sound good, but never give a dog turkey. They are not able to digest it, and it can make dogs and cats very sick. If you want to give them a meat or protein, try chicken breast or eggs. Most dogs like chicken or cooked eggs(boiled or scrambled).
    Good luck with the home made meals. A good thing is that you will know what your dog is eating.

  • Bethnyc says:

    home cooking is great but you did need to educate yourself on the percentages he needs of protein, fat and carbs.. Here’s a link to a site with various sources to prepare home cooked meals the right way……

  • Basset Puppies says:

    I’ve found the Dog Aware site to be really useful when planning a diet for my dogs.