Health Insurance for Dogs – Can You Do Without it?

When times are tough, it’s tempting to let certain bills slide. Health insurance for dogs would probably be among these, as you’re pretty sure that you’ll never need it. As it is you have to insure your house and your car and possibly your health, so dog health insurance is probably the safest to let go. This is perfectly understandable, however first you need to consider the repercussions of not insuring your dog.

Because of the advances in technology when it comes to pet health care today, most pet diseases and health issues can be managed better than ever before. Animals these day can be treated for cancer and even have organ transplants. However, the downside is this field of medicine has become a lot more expensive. The question you have to ask is can you afford to pay for this type of health care should the occasion arise? Some pet owners make the decision in advance not to seek treatment for serious illness and that’s a valid decision, euthanasia is always an option.

However if your pet has a serious accident, the situation is slightly different. When it comes to health insurance for dogs, accident insurance is usually covered under a basic plan, meaning that this policy will cost less and probably be an affordable option for dog owners. Pet health insurance costs vary a lot due to the large variety of insurance packages currently available. Comprehensive dog health insurance cover the costs of annual vet visits, vaccinations, medications, and spaying. Cheaper schemes, sometimes called partial plans, will cover accident and illness costs only.

Health insurance for dogs has annual premiums and deductibles

Dog health insurance premiums are based on the breed of your dog and the type of policy you have. If you have more than one dog, there is usually a reduced rate for the second policy. Health insurance annual deductibles can vary as well. The average deductible is about $100.

You can select different plans which are based on your dog’s age, breed, and any preexisting medical conditions. Some dog health insurers will not cover your pet if they have a preexisting condition or a terminal illness. Some will insure your dog only if the condition is under control and has been stable for a certain time.

The younger your dog, the easier it will be to find well priced coverage. Health insurance for dogs is very similar to that of humans when it comes to age. Some companies will not insure a dog over the age of eight, or will charge a lot more.

There could be a waiting period for illness, although accidents are usually claimable straight away.

Health insurance for dogs allows you to provide your pet with the best possible care. Decisions regarding treatment are no longer dictated by financial restrictions. Treatments that may otherwise be out of reach can be accessed without worrying about where the money’s coming from. Your only concern then becomes the health and well being of your dog.

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  • barak says:

    So if i understand correctly its better to insure your dog for accidents, and not for illness.its kinda make sence. in most cases dogs are finishing thier lifes because of illness. so the more dogs got ilness the more the insurance is expensive.