Have You Ever Had A Dog Predict An Oncoming Illness…?

This is actually a serious Q…..
I have read about this happening to people with their dogs sensing a problem (seizure or diabetics) but this had never happened to me before….
Last fall we adopted a puppy from the shelter just a cute little mixed breed…and he “acts” differently when my blood sugar spikes — I am a diabetic….In fact my husband is the one who noticed it….Dingo gets (for lack of a better word) upset…and every time he has done it my blood sugar is over 400….
I am just curious how many people have had an experience such as this….
BTW…I love my puppy!

12 Responses to Have You Ever Had A Dog Predict An Oncoming Illness…?

  • Jacqueline B. says:

    my dog will sit and whine at me when i’m low. (also diabetic)
    its pretty cool they can sense that sort of stuff.

  • tamara m says:

    My fiances sisters dog can tell when a woman is pregnant-he gets really clingy to that woman very soon after the conception date and the behaviour is unmistakable(you can’t keep a pregnancy secret around him!) I also used to have a Siamese cross cat that could sense an epileptic fit before it happened- he used to drag cushions to the person that was going to have the fit

  • Dogs (or any animal really) are some of Gods most basic, purest creations and YES they can tell you lots of things we lowly people can’t like…Storms, illnesses, when someone is comeing over, tons of stuff, learn to listen To Dingo, he WILL speak 2 u … just b receptive and make sure to let him know when you have picked up on his vibes and tell him thanks, they need to feel appreciated also….
    And don’t forget to thank God daily for sending your “Watch Dog”…

  • Jane Marple says:

    A few month ago I tripped and hurt my foot. I sat on my couch with my legs up on the ottoman as I usually do late evening. Nothing was different then any other night except my dog kept smelling my right ankle, he’d lay next to me, look at my food, he’d get up and check on it, get back next to me. His whole attitude was different. The morning after I went to the hospital and my foot was broken. I do believe my dog knew before I did that I was seriously injured.

  • dizzkat says:

    I’ve read about it, also, but my own dog’s don’t seem to have that knack. My current dog will follow me around and lay close when I am home ill which is unlike his usual behavior.

  • Clo ! says:

    Well, I am going to ask my goldfish in the tank now, if it thinks, the biopsy that they will perform tomorrow on me, will have a good result ! LOL ! I’m a nervous wreck honey !!

  • Ronatnyu says:

    Yeah … I have a Schmart dog … Leonard Labrador …. he knows when I’m getting Dumber ….. as my brain Cells leave my head …. he scratches at his skin & his fleas crawl off and into my ears!
    IMAGINE THAT….. his fleas are smarter than my brain cells!

  • Mutt Dog™ Lover® says:

    No, no experiences here, but I have heard stories and believe them 100%. Yours I believe too.

  • WTamSP says:

    Hi yes Milo’s worried about me now Hugs xxx

  • SailorLo says:

    no, not an illness but my dog knew i was pregnant before i even did.

  • literati says:

    My dog can tell when my grandson is having seizures. He was lying on the floor watching a cartoon when she walked up to him, laid her front legs across his cheeks and chin and basically held him down. We knew he was seizing because we caught his eyes rolling. He seizes quite often do to a chronic illness. My dog is a bossy, short-legged miniature schnauzer who was given to me because her short legs made her look more like a scottish terrier. She also can tell when the other dogs need to go outside, you see she is the only bell ringer at the back door yet we don’t have accidents.

  • Jac Evans says:

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