Harboring An Aggressive Dog, Struggling To Have To Put To Sleep?

This past Saturday we had to bring in our eldest dog for a recheck after her surgery and we somehow got around to babbling on with the vet, eventually we got to talking about our four year old red heeler mix dog and his aggression. He was always aggressive – in the litter he was a bully to the other puppies, as a pup he would bark and snap and go completely mad, . . . I foolishly thought nothing of it until about two years ago when it became too much. Several times he came within inches of nailing someone, when he was just 5 months he bit my sister’s friend’s finger, it’s just a constant thing and I can hardly manage bringing him in to get health care if he is sick. I don’t have the energy for it any longer. His dad was also mildly aggressive to dogs and people. As my vet put it, “you’re dog is one of the few that is born with a ‘screw loose’.” And she’s right. It’s even more difficult because he is so loving, and wonderful within the family and the people in our home but with outsiders it’s a whole different ballgame. I’ve consulted with a few trainers, and breed rescue groups they said my best bet is to humanely euthanize — and my vet agrees.
It’s hard on me because I fought so hard to keep him (I was a young teen when he was born and we kept him) and since then he’s been my life. But I simply don’t have the energy to care for a dog with aggression and I question his quality of life because of it. I’m finding myself trying to distance myself from him and I know that breaks his heart because we are so close and it hurts.
I wish for so much a place that would take him in and rehabilitate him rather than what I feel like is murdering him.
I don’t know how to cope with this, has anyone been in this situation before? How do muster the courage to go through with putting your dog to sleep?
And as an alternative, would anyone know of a place that might consider taking him?

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