From One Softhearted Friend To Another – The Elevated Double Dog Bowl

Occasionally, our lives get so complicated we find we might not have all the time necessary to really take care of feeding our dog or other pet. Utilizing a double dog bowl for your pet might be the ideal solution, truthfully. With it, you can ensure your beloved animal gets the food and water it requires.

Any good automatic food dispenser comes with a small cold storage box where one or two cans of special food can be held. The best units will even open and dole out food from those cans! Almost all feeders use modern electronics to handle the feeding and watering tasks, too. They can put out up to ten pounds of food at a time. This is an amount more than sufficient for most any pet.

Assembly of one of these units is pretty straightforward and non-complicated. Most of the good ones have easily-understood instruction manuals and even a video CD, to help in the tough spots. These CDs also have helpful advice about diet and exercise for your pet, which can be a good thing.

Almost all dog bowls of this type on the market are built to handle one or two animals. You designate feeding and watering at various times throughout the day. Up to 8 periods can usually be tasked. Or you can limit it to just one, if you have a pet on a diet.

If you have a large or tall dog, or an animal with arthritis that prevents it from stooping over, you can buy a raised feeder. This is an ideal solution for a pet that prefers or needs its food in a bowl that’s raised up higher than it would be if it were on the floor.

Most feeders are set up to handle dogs in the fifteen-to-forty pound range. If you have a pet larger than that, you can always purchase a specialized feeder. Almost all of them are very easy to use, and they allot portions in a nice steady stream, with no muss or fuss, which is always appreciated by a pet owner.

Most any elevated dog bowl will come with a hopper of about 1.5 gallons of food capacity. In that size, you can place about 1.8 gallons of dry food in it, and it puts it back out safely and efficiently. All good feeders also have a watering feature, so that both feeding and watering of the animal can occur simultaneously.

It’s recommended by most vets that dog products, such as feeding bowls, be stainless steel or ceramic. Plastic bowls can become gouged or scratched, and potentially-harmful bacteria can hide in a scratch. If the dog feeder you buy has plastic bowls, exchange them for stainless steel. And never put wet food in the hopper. Most automatic feeders aren’t set up to dispense those kinds of items. If you take sensible steps and use the elevated double dog bowl as it’s meant to be used, both you and your pet will come out on top.

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