Essential Dog Care Questions?

henry — how often clip nails (can I do it myself?)
I figured out the bathing (about 1x per month for husky)
Is their body lanuage/some way of him signalling to me that he has to urinate/defecate so he doesn’t go in the house?
I’m aware consistent same-time each-day eating patterns are important for health as well as so my dog doesnt’ urinate-defecate in the house. WHEN are the best times for his two meals? I was doing around 9pm/9am. is that good?
What’s the purpose of crate training and using a crate? Is it so your dog (being a den animal) won’t urinate/defecate in the crate As well as not chew on furniture? I thought it was just the latter, but realized it might have to do with the former, too.

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  • pots says:

    Clipping nails: Yes, you can do it yourself. If your dog has white nails, it is easy to do. You will be able to see the quick in the nail. Just do not cut near the quick as the quick is a blood vein in a dog’s nails and cutting it can cause your dog pain and bleeding. If your dog has black nails, its hard to determine where the quick is. In that case, your probably better off sending your dog to the groomer and learn from the groomer on how to do it. How often: I will say every 3-4 weeks. There are also 2 types of nail clippers, read before you choose which type you want.
    Bathing: I think for husky, it could be longer than that depending on how dirty they are.
    Urine/Defecate: Usually dogs do have their own body language and signs but each dog is different and it also depends on what you trained them to do to tell you that they need to go.
    Time for meals: 9am is okay but I think 9pm is a little late. They usually digest slower in the evening so I think 7.30pm-8pm is a better time so that you can bring your dog for his last walk to do his business around 11.30pm-12am.
    Crate training is for housetraining purpose and also to keep them safe when you can’t monitor them but too long of a crate time wil be cruel. If your dog is a puppy, you can’t put him in there for too long at a time. I would suggest an exercise pen instead as you can comfortably put water, food, bed in there and dog has more space to move around.