Emergency Dog Health Care : How To Treat Dog Insect Bites

Learn how to treat insect bites on dogs in this free pet health carevideo. Expert: Dr Adrienne Mulligan Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan graduated from veterinary school at North Carolina State University in 1993, and now owns the Camp Verde Veterinary Clinic in Camp Verde, Arizona. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

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10 Responses to Emergency Dog Health Care : How To Treat Dog Insect Bites

  • mydogdoobie says:

    my dog gets hives after being bitten by mosquitos. I used benadryl (pills) and anti-itch cream on the hives and she gets better within 3 hours. Swelling and redness disappears. The hard part is keeping her from scratching which the hives bigger. It takes about 3 days for her to come back to normal. Try to keep her mind off of the itching by giving them something they can chew on while the meds kick in. Good luck sleeping, just happen again and lost tons of sleep keeping her from scratching

  • zwinky899 says:

    My puppy that is 4 months old just got stung by a big scorpion in her paw please is she gonna be okay

  • greenbayskater says:

    Thanks. my dog has a bad swallen eye her head is swollen her jew is her nose a lil and her cheeks a lil

  • alex10748 says:

    my dog got bit on his mouth but it wetnt away in day

  • Sandeep9200 says:

    my dog got bite by some bee or somethin and the top of her face is swollen and she barely open her eyes so how can i treat her??

  • meowskull says:

    what about a rattlesnake bite -_-

  • PrettyLoather says:


  • Nelly4x4 says:

    Why? dont you care about pets? Do you even have a pet to say something like that! >:(

  • Nelly4x4 says:

    This is very interesting!!!!!!!!

  • sosjoebrofan1 says: