Dog Bathing Suggestions To Minimize Anxiety.

Dog bathing can be a pleasurable experince or a total disaster! Our new puppy isn’t too sure about having a bath and it takes two people, one to hold her down and administer treats and the other to wash her. She doesn’t like being dried off afterwards either. Consequently dog bathing day has to be a sunny day to allow two people and one dog to get properly dry!

If your dog is concerned about having a bath then it is actually possible that your dog suffers from a kind of dog anxiety, which may include a phobia of water, or that they have a fear of losing control.

Where to Bath your Dog.

Select the bath tub or laundry sink to bath your dog. Which you choose to use will be dependent on your dog’s size. On warmer days you might want to wash your dog outside using a garden hose on with minimal pressure.

Water Temperature.

Water temperature can be a major factor in your dogs fear of bath time. The water should be temped. That is that you can not feel it as hot or cold, test the temperature of the water on the back of your hand before applying it to your dog.

Anti Slip Protection.

Another reason why your dog fears bath time is that they do not feel safe. Dogs love to be secure on all feet and any risk of slipping is sure to make them more anxious. You need to use an anti slip bath mat or merely use a towel in the base of the bath and this may make your dog feel more safe and sound.

How to apply the water when you give your dog a bath.

The best thing you can do when bathing your dog is to start wetting their feet first and steadily work up the legs, then under the belly, across the back and finally over the top of the head. Be careful not to have the water running to strong and don’t ever have the water running over the snout or eyes.

It is far better to wash the snout and around the eyes with a wash cloth and make sure you don’t have running water around those areas. If you run water directly over the dogs face they may panic. You will also have to be cautious do not allow any water in your dogs ears. Water in the ear canal can end up in infection.

Your Approach to Washing Your Dog.

When washing your dog always be in a good mood, be calm and praise your dog consistently. Comments like “good boy” in a calm consistent voice will help your dog relax.

If your dog tries to jump up or get out of the bath, understand this is their response to a situation they feel they don’t have any control over.

Just say “No, get down” in a quiet and voice, lowering your tone so they understand that you are not pleased.

As fast as they get down, or if you help the dog to get down and back in the bath, give more praise. This way they will be in a position to establish what you expect of them.

Next, discover how it’s possible for you to easily learn more tips to scale back your dog bath anxiety. Find out if your canine friend is suffering from any type of dog anxiety and learn easy things you can do to help your dog gain confidence and become a faithful and loyal friend for life.