Dog training and dealing with house training issues

Using the dogs own instincts is the best house training a dog method for your pet.This is what Crate training can do. You would leave the dog confined to a small area of you house. Since dogs are naturally clean, they will not want to soil their “den” area.

Potty training dogs can be done for any age pet using these techniques, as they have worked well for all dogs. There are mistakes that many do when trying to follow this type of house training philosophy. Don’t be inconsistent with the time that you feed your dog and do not rush the process. Rewarding the animal is good practice and this can cause the house training a dog to be trained quicker but do not move too fast.

When your dog has an “accident” it can be because the animal is in his den for too long a period or the den area is too big. It could mean that your pet has not understood yet that this den area is its bed. It could also be that the dog might have a urinary infection or another medical issue. Also it could mean that your dog is bored. Being bored might cause it to drink more water and urinate more. There are other signs of boredom as well. When your dog destroys things or nibbles on things he is not supposed to, he might be bored.

Your dog could think of its den in a negative way. This might be because the den was not introduced to your pet in the right way. He might feel trapped and may show this by whining, barking or by biting things.

Get to know your dog and its needs. Make sure that the den area is safe and pleasant for your pet and provide a toilet area that is known to the dog. One of the biggest reasons dogs are given to shelters is because of “going” in the wrong place.

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