Dog Nutrition Help! Please Answer!!!!?

My dog just ate an entire canister of unbaked cresent rolls while I was in my room! Will she get sick or die? Has this happened to anyone before?! PLEASE ANSWER ME AND MY FAMILY ARE SCARED!!!!!!!

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  • mwa says:

    it should be ok… UNLESS their is yeast in it and is hadn’t risen yet… if so, then take him to the vet now.. becasue the yeast will expand until his insides explode(this happened to a bear in a park near here in the wild.. someone feed it unrisen bread dough.. they found the bear dead with dough rising out of it’s nose and mouth and stuff). If cresent rolls doens’t have yeast.. he’ll be sick for a while, but fine

  • Gargirl™ says:

    Unfortuanately dough is not very good for a dogs digestion. It depends on her weight, I would keep a very close eye on her for the nex t 24 hours. Good Luck.

  • healthyk says:

    You might notice a difference in her stool. She will probably get a stomach ache and may even throw up. Don’t over stimulate the dog playing and let it work itself through. Dogs are pretty resilient and can endure a lot more than what people can. Doesn’t make it good for them but they can. Don’t panic unless she ate the canister too. If she ate the canister I’d take her to get her stomach pumped. The tim on the ends of the can will cause internal cuts throughout her system and could result in death. She will have a lot of pain as well. Call the vet just to make sure. Definitely keep a close eye on her and watch for any unusal behavior.

  • Margie says:

    Go to the vet or call him- there could be major problems if the bread expands in your dog’s stomach.

  • go.dback says:

    It will be fine, she might get sick but probably she will be fine. No she will not die. I have a dog that eats everything and he does not get sick.

  • She’ll be just fine. There’s nothing in the crescent roll dough that would harm a dog.
    I bet she would have liked it better if you had cooked them up and added a little butter.
    Give her a scritch for me…..It’s nice to see someone that cares for their little pets.

  • deepwate says:

    I doubt it will get sick I seen dogs eat stranger things then that and have been fine

  • thererno says:

    it will be fine

  • flawolfc says:

    No your dog will not DIE. She may get ill but even that is not fatal. If you can let her outside to eat some grass as it is a natural way for animals to purge their system. And keep an eye on her for a while but most likely she will be fine and sassy shortly. Hope you reprimanded her for her bad behavior. Good Luck!

  • JESSICAl says:

    Don’t worry dogs can process raw dough and other things! i would call an emergency vet just to be sure! I have a dog so I hope everything is OK with your girl! good-luck!

  • Gehorchen sie dem Schnauzer says:

    First if you were that scared you would call a VET. Second She will be just fine. Just don’t bake her, because then the rolls will expained

  • Kella G says:

    If you were that scared, you’d CALL A VET.

  • Janet lw says:

    I think you’re dog is going to be sick but your best bet is to call your vet and ask him what to do if anything needs to be done. You’ll feel much better when you get professional advice. Most vets will tell you over the phone if it’s serious or not.

  • ? says:
  • tickleme says:

    If she ate the canister, the metal and all, I would take her to the vet. If she got it open and ate just the bisquit part…I am sure she will be fine. Good luck.

  • Diamond in the Rough says:

    Your dog may end up with diarrhea…..but death is not inevitable

  • jermdogx says:

    shell probly puke it up later on, its only dough

  • tesorotx says:

    NO, she’ll be full till tomorrow but she’ll be fine. Don’t but into the nonsense about people food and dog food. Food is food, although the dog food industry tries to make people think otherwise. Dogs have been pets since the beginning of time, you gave them table food scraps they died of old age or a wagon ran over them , no more wagons it’s now cars.

  • willowbl says:

    according to the aspca it can be deadly to them call the animal posion hotline or your vet

  • You have gotten some TERRIBLE answers here. Uncooked bread doughs can be deadly to dogs. The dough can rise & expand after its been eaten and cause all kinds of difficulties.…
    Call an emergency vet if your vet is already closed and ask for advice. They may tell you to watch the dog or they may tell you to bring her in. It’s better to call and get good information than all the crappy information you’ve gotten thus far from a bunch of uneducated strangers. CALL NOW!

  • jillkmil says:

    Ok here is something I am missing with your question…did the dog eat the canister as well as the dough? The canister, if eaten, could cause some severe damage since the ends are metal. If she just ate the dough, she will probably be sick, but not die. Keep a close eye on her and watch for her to pass the dough (gross I know). You want to make sure her stomach doesn’t get too bloated since bread dough can expand. She may throw it up, which would be a good thing. If her stomach gets really bloated and she seems to be in pain you will want to get her to a vet as soon as you can because it could mean the dough is causing a blockage.
    To everyone who says just call a vet…not everyplace has that option available. If this were to happen to me in my hometown right now, there would be no one I could contact until 7 AM. Really small towns do not always have on call vets.

  • badgirl4 says:

    They should not hurt the dog. The worse that is more than likely to happen is a stomach ache. Keep an eye on your dog and if any signs of illness go to the vet, but i do believe the dog will be fine

  • gabs4_28 says:

    wel…it could hurt her stomach…..if she looks ill take her to the vet…..n i dont think she will die…

  • GreyChev says:

    give her a tbs of peroxide to induce vomiting. e mail me if you would like

  • sharlene l says:

    I would call the vet . You should have a 24 hour available in the phone book hurry. that sounds bad. especially if it is a smaller dog.

  • First: don’t panic. Dogs are very much like garbage eating machines.
    Probably she will just be kind of sick at her stomach and may get diarrhea. There is a lot of butter in crescent rolls, and that can turn a dog sickly if they eat too much. (My dog has thrown up twice when she got into something with a high butter content.) But really crescents are just bread and while it is certainly not GOOD for a dog to eat that much bread, it won’t kill the dog. He didn’t eat the container did he? That might cause some issues. If you dog may have eaten some of the foil lined container, watch for signs of distress and get to the doctor immediately if you see excessive vomiting, bloated stomach, or tenderness in the stomach area.
    When in doubt, go to the vet.

  • ☆BTriX☆ says:

    Just to be safe you should take her to the emergency vet IMMIDIATLEY!!!!!
    Don’t risk your pets life by taking ANY advice on this forum!

  • Sandy says:

    She should be fine. If she is going to get sick, she will probably just throw it up and be good. Dogs are great at not allowing things to stay in their bodies that are not good for them. I’m sure she will be fine.

  • cyanosis says:

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  • Jessica W says:

    do not give peroxide!!!! The dog should be fine. It’s tummy might get upset-or it might not my dog has eaten whole bags of halloween chocolate (which CAN kill a dog!) Your dog might have the runs or may not want to eat. Give it a day or so-but all should be fine. If really concerned, call a vet and ask.

  • winds_of says:

    They’re just cresent rolls, your dog should be fine. 🙂