Dog Nutrition: Eggs?

I want to start preparing my dog’s meals, and was wondering what the max. number eggs they should have in one week.

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  • B*Family says:

    Eggs are great to feed, and can be fed cooked or raw. We recommend no more than a couple of eggs a week, if fed raw. Cooked eggs can be fed a little more frequently.

  • mc says:

    i think its one a week

  • Ditto, I also *think* it’s one egg a week. Are you planning to feed raw or cooked?
    Our dogs usually get the leftovers whenever we make omelettes anyway…

  • rmfly says:

    Just so you know, eggs have been added to the don’t give to dogs list. But like everyone else I give my guys one occasionally. I wouldn’t allow more than one a week if you’re planning it as one of your dog’s meals. And, of course, raw is supposed to be a no-no but of course that’s how my dogs get them. Like many of the foods, it’s large quantities that can cause problems.

  • kanei says:

    I give my lab one every other day, keeps his coat in great shape.