Dog Insurance? No Way! It Costs Too Much!

Dog insurance can give you security and peace of mind.

Insurance is a fact of life these days. It’s probably not our favorite way to spend money, but the thought of our house burning down, or our car being stolen is enough to keep us renewing our policies. After all who wants to take the risk?

Many of us shake our heads when it comes to dog insurance. You’re having a hard enough time affording the groceries, how are you supposed to be able to fork out more money to insure your dog. Besides dog health insurance is for expensive pure-bred dogs, not your average mutt!

The thing is if you love your dog, he’s more to you then just a dog, he’s an important member of your family. Insuring your dog is extending the same care to your pet as you do to the rest of your family. It can help lessen that risk of being responsible for a pet and reduce the necessity of making the decision to put your pet to sleep because there is not enough money to pay for his emergency veterinary care.

So what exactly is dog insurance? It is a health plan for your dog to protect against both large and small unexpected veterinary bills over the lifetime of your dog. Sourcing dog insurance is not quite as easy as, say, finding a good life or car insurance policy. However, a number of insurance providers are beginning to realize the potential advantages in offering insurance for family pets.

Comprehensive dog health insurance plans can start as low as $10 a month, which is not a huge amount to keep your dog protected for his expected life span. Dog insurance plans can be fitted in to the family budget and can save you a lot of emotional stress.

Medical technology is improving all the time and with it the costs of treatments. Treating and hospitalization of your dog is now equivalent to human treatments both in sophistication and cost. Dog insurance therefore is designed to take away much of the financial risk and insecurity that owning your pet can cause.

Dog health insurance plans take several criteria into consideration before offering any policy. The final plan may be based on many considerations such as age, breed, lifestyle and of course any pre-existing health conditions of your dog. Some dog insurance plans have no age limit. However, it’s easier to get your dog insured when he’s young and healthy.

There are many advantages to a good dog insurance plan. You’ll save money and you’ll also have peace of mind knowing whatever happens to your dog, you’ve got it covered. Don’t take the chance with your dog’s health, it’s just not worth it. It will work out cheaper in the long run to have a dog health insurance policy than it would just leaving it to chance.

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