Dog health?

I took my dog to the vet like 2 weeks ago for a vaccine (rabies). Yesterday I felt a small mass just before his knee. Could this be caused by the vaccine or should I be worried?. I know I have to take him to the vet. I just need to save some money. The mass is soft and it does not causes him any pain. What could it be?

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  • says:

    We’ve experienced the same thing, it should go away within the week. It’s pretty common – why didn’t your vet tell you this might happen?

    If there are no other symptoms you should probably be okay, but if there are other concerns, it never hurts anything but your pocketbook to get it checked out.

  • dobiegang says:

    I doubt this is from the vaccination.Please get the dog to the vet ASAP. Could be something simple as a fatty tumor, but also could be something very serious as Osteosarcoma ( bone cancer ). Good luck and I hope it is the first that I have mentioned.

  • Dorothy says:

    No, it would not be caused by the vaccine. The lump that you are feeling could be many things…take him to the vet as soon as you possibly can.

  • chanmckinlay says:

    Dogs and cats can certainly have a localised reaction to vaccines(or any injection) however it would only occur at the sight where the vaccine was given and would happen within one week of the injection.
    A soft mobile mass on the leg could be a tumour either malignant or not. Lipomas are benign tumours that develop on dogs, they usually develop slowly over months to years. However a fast growing mass would usually indicazte something more serious. Watch the mass and if it grows rapidly or changes in anyway take to vet for a fine needle aspirate to be taken and they will look at the cyctology of it under microscope. If it looks fatty it will be a lipoma and no need to worry unless it causes trouble for your pet, however if they see cells they will need to send the cytology sample to a pathologist so that they can work out what kind of mass it is and whether surgery is required.
    If I was you (and this is what I would tell clients) watch for 1-2 weeks if changes occur in size, shape or the skin near it then bring in, if not keep watch and get it looked at at next vaccination.

  • Elle Woods says:

    I would say at least call the vet where you had the vaccine done and tell them. They may just tell you that it is a normal reaction to the vaccine and will go away on it’s own. If nothing else it will put your mind at ease a bit. I know that if there is anything going on with my dog that i’m not sure about, I call the Vet immediately!

  • dolores h says:

    No , its not caused by the vaccine , but I would get the dog back to the vet , as soon u can.
    I wish you luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katherin F says:

    Well you have to remember vaccines are the weakened cells of the virus and it will swell up for a while. Its just the infection (the weakened cells) and then the blood cells fighting it. It should go away in about a week. If not call the vet.

  • katie d says:

    any swelling you would have seen caused by the vaccine would be at the site of the vaccine, I hate telling you this but it makes me mad when people say they don’t have the money for vet visits. Please don’t get animals if you can’t take care of them. When you get an animal you should know this is one of the things that will always be a possibility. Sorry to lecture but I get so upset about this one thing. Your dog could really be sick. if it doesn’t go down in 24 hours go to a vet.So you don’t eat so well for a week or two.