Symptoms of a Canine Stroke Seizures (Video)

Epilepsy or seizure disorder is becoming a more common problem these days. Epilepsy is involuntary and manifests as behavioral change, muscle control and sometimes loss of consciousness. There could also be an erratic electrical discharge in the brain. There are two types of epilepsy. The petit mal which affects only a specific group or groups of muscles and the grand mal which is more severe and affects all muscle groups.

Dog seizures can display the following characteristics: stiffness, urinating, salivating, altered vision, muscle twitching or shaking and loss of consciousness. Seizure disorder can be brought on by several things including genetic factors, brain tumor, kidney failure or other canine diseases.

To prevent dog seizures, make sure your dog has a good diet which is free from cheap filler ingredient and chemicals. Also check for other health issues such as hypoglycemia.

The symptoms of a canine stroke seizure can be as minor as a bit of blinking and staggering or as severe as stiff legs, clenching teeth and uncontrolled urinating and defecating. Identify the symptoms of seizures in dogs with information from a practicing veterinarian in this free video on pet care. Expert: James Dee Contact: Bio: Dr. James Dee is a veterinarian and partner at Hollywood Animal Hospital in Hollywood, Fla. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
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3 Responses to Symptoms of a Canine Stroke Seizures (Video)

  • krs10wlsh says:

    please look at my videos of my dog — vets are having trouble diagnosing her spasm/seizure condition.

  • ceka03 says:

    Everyone watching this video please read!
    I have a black lab who was having seizures constantly about 4-5 every month. She was on regular dog food which contains BHA & BHT which I think might have been the cause of her seizures. Not wanting to put her on debilitating seizure medication I switched her to all natural dog food and she has been SEIZURE FREE ever since. I use a High protein dog food from Trader Joes & mix that with the wet dog food from there also. please try first b4 meds!

  • briglet2010 says:

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