Dog Health Care : Treating Low Blood Sugar in Dogs & Puppies

Hypoglycemia in dogs (low blood sugar)

Learn how to treat your dog’s low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) in thisfree video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

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9 Responses to Dog Health Care : Treating Low Blood Sugar in Dogs & Puppies

  • JojoTheJoCpuMaster says:

    This…really, really ,really helped. I actually bought exactly what she has on his hand that she gave to the dog. I even put pancake syrup in his food.

  • ladybird4236 says:

    White sugar, karo syrup, pancake syrup on their food and in their water always helps. Sometimes frosted flakes or fruit loops as a treat is good.

  • jessybessy66 says:

    My poor baby Sparkle layed down, and put her paws waaaay above her head and started shaking. I was like crying my eyes out I thought she was gonna die. D:

  • Travelfun4ever says:

    Her Test came back Liver Faiure, The low blood sugar was just because her body wasnt doing its job, apparently she was 1 in a million in a litter with this and she had it..

  • Travelfun4ever says:

    Chi Chi died sometimes its to late, if you don’t know

  • Travelfun4ever says:

    If this happens to you put honey on the gums and of to the Vet…Chi Chi was to far into the hypoglicimia she need a drip

  • Travelfun4ever says:

    she was now in a diabetic coma. Once put on the glucose drip by a couple of hours later she recovered, and I pick her up this morning..I will be putting a vidio of this on youtube of this experiance people need to know this is common with small breeds. if it had of been night when we all slept she would’nt be alive today..

  • Travelfun4ever says:

    Part 2 of comment: so of to the vet in a mad rush, I didnt know what was wrong I thought shed been poisoned, went though the list of what could have been’s, her heart rate was under 50 she was twitching, so she was given something to correct that and put on a drip, had a blood test, which took 20 mins, her gums where white, she had a fit on the table it was horrible, her test came back all normal except her blood sugars was 0.45, a normal low is like 2.0 so you can only imagine.

  • Travelfun4ever says:

    My dog had a hypoglysemic attack last night, she had been dry reaching in the afternoon and I thought “oh shes been eating grass..”. Later my son saw her outside looking tied, I did’nt know, and came out with her twitching and unresposive, of course I fliped. I thought she was dying.