Dog Has Bad Skin Allergies?

My dog has developed bad skin allergies. I had him on Natural Choice Lamb and Rice. I’ve had every dog I’ve owned for the past 13 years on this food and have never had an issue. He isn’t over or underbathed. I add Brewers Yeast to his diet. Took him to vet, vet gave him cortisone (which anytime I’ve ever had a pet with skin issues regardless of the vet they seem to think steroids are the cure all) it helped but skin issues came back. So the vet told me to change his food. I’ve changed it three times now to what the vet has suggested. My dog still has skin problems and the vet still wants to do the cortisone shots. Should I start cooking for my dog? Don’t tell me to find another vet I’ve already gone thru 7 in my town and they all seem to be stuck on cortisone and changing his food. I don’t want my dog injected monthly with steroids. Should I just start cooking a basic chicken/rice/veggie diet for him and add whatever supplements he needs myself? He is perfectly healthy in ever other respect. I just want honest answers and input. For those that want to answer with dogs eating human food isn’t good for them, spare me. If its good enough for me to eat for my entire life and our food goes thru much stricter processing rules its good enough for my dogs. Any info anyone has that feeds their dogs from food they make would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Wise ol' poodle groomer says:

    You don’t say what breed your dog is. However, as I see it you have two options:
    1. Purchase the recipe book written by W D Cusick for your breed of dog and use the recipe best suited to the stage of life he is at. Go to Cusick’s site to find out more
    I have used his recipes for years for a couple of my dogs with skin and digestive problems. They are extremely good, even if they do take some time in preparation and cooking.
    2. The other option is a balanced raw diet. Meat & veg. Also very good.
    Check out the BARF website for more info.
    Good luck

  • hdwildon says:

    my now fifteen yr. old was having skin problems tried different foods still their,now i cook chicken,beef or turkey w rice,carrots,celery,potatoes or sweet potatoes and supplements and he has no problems now!!

  • oregano1 says:

    Have you tried a grain-free diet? It worked wonders for my allergic dog, I feed Innova Evo now, but there are other options on the market. I did first do a vet-supervised elimination diet, whereby I discovered she was allergic to wheat, corn, soy, barley and rice. Cooking for your dog or feeding a raw diet is an option, but if you don’t know to what she is allergic, it may not help if, for example, she is allergic to rice or chicken. I would recommend talking to a vet (holistic vets are a good option if there’s one near you) about structuring an elimination diet. When you figure out a protein and carbohydrate source that works for her, you can structure a homemade diet around those items or look for a dog food based on those items. Good luck!

  • ems says:

    Sorry to hear your boy isn’t his best.
    What do his allergies look like? Are they bald patches that are red and weepy? Or maybe sore and flaky looking?
    I have a toy poodle, as I have asthma, and due to the fact she has to be clipped every 6 weeks, developed bad eczema on her thighs and legs. I started to use Johnsons Antiseptic cream on this, as a last resort after trying everything else, and it works a treat to soothe and calm her sensitive skin. It comes in a small white tub and you can buy it in most pet stores and online.
    If he does need a bath use a tea tree puppy shampoo which is also very gentle.
    It doesn’t sound like he has an intolerance to something in his food but if you are prepared to cook for your pet then I think that is a very admiral thing to do and I think it would do him a lot of good as there are always additives in whatever brand you buy. Don’t forget about the treats he has, Pero’s are very good.
    It could be flees but I imagine you have already thought of that.
    The only other thing I could think of was his bedding? It should be washed about once a week to kill off dust mites and if he has sensitive skin in non-bio or organic washing powder.
    Good Luck 🙂

  • basham_2 says:

    my dog had the same problem, my vet gave her some antibiotics for 2 weeks, steroids for a month and an antihistamine, and an anti itch shampoo, it worked wonders, i don’t have to feed her pills any more and her hair grew back and she is as beautiful as ever. give her two doggie antihistamines a day, you can get them from 1800 pet meds, look up the name for it online, i can’t remember it. good luck.

  • crazypel says:

    Natural Choice isn’t a bad choice in food, it is roughly a middle grade. It doesn’t have the by-products, corn, or wheat – at least not the Lamb and Rice formula. However, there are some grains in there like the Ground Rice (2nd ingredient) Rice Flour (3rd) and Rice Bran (4th) that can still cause skin allergies in dogs. I would recommend switching to a higher quality food like Wellness, Solid Gold, or Natural Balance (all available at Petco). Natural Balance has a few different formulas specialized for skin allergies using different proteins like Venison and Fish with Sweet Potatoes. Those foods also already have the suppliments in them to help with skin and coat, including allergies. I would look into those foods and others with quality ingredients with little or no grains in them. This may help fix your problem.

  • pets4lif says:

    OK. Got a product I want you to try for a few weeks at least and see if helps. By far the least expensive and dangerous product so vets would never suggest!!!
    Look at the pet store/pet products aisle. Often labeled as a “stop itch” product. You want the spray that contains Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera. Under $10, different brand names out there. Both ingredients are antiseptic and healing by nature. Have seen this spray work wonders when no amount of vet bills had helped. And no, steroids are not a good answer or even changing diet.
    Please give it a try. You’ll know shortly if helping. Takes a few weeks to really get under control. Hair should start growing in and dog will stop scratching even sooner. Sure worth the money to try. If it does work then you can also find the Tea Tree shampoo to use. I’ve seen dogs heal up and problem never come back!

  • jerik says:

    I’ve read many books on natural pet feeding and nutrition… well, it all comes down to the immune system. when an animal (or person) has a great immune system, they rarely if ever, get sick or catch a disease. So I suggest focusing on increasing his natural ability to heal himself by giving him what he lacks. Try natural foods for starters and get him off that processed crappy stuff. Its already working wonders on him and you have your proof of that. And when I say natural, I mean good and balanced homemade foods with some premium multi-tabs or powder like Seameal from Solid Gold added to his meals right away. Otherwise, he will just keep suffering and you will just keep spending money on the vet that you could have been spending on your dog’s “good” food.
    Please read Dr. Martin Goldsteins book on natural medicine and foods for pets. It is full of information and you’ll know exactly what to do afterwards. And if you want some recipe help, write me and I’d be happy to send you some. Anything to help a pup in need and his concerned human.

  • Akhira says:

    Foods and your pet’s activity is more likely to be watch over to identify the root cause of your it’s allergy. It needs to be carefully watch so that it can be immediately stop and won’t be causing you a complication.

  • Cheesa says:

    Skin allergies may sometimes cause by the food we ate and even the environment can also be a good factor to it. Definitely make sure that you had a safe and clean environment, safe food the one that had been recommended by the expert and ideally take your pet to it’s veterinarian twice a month to monitor his health.