Dog Food Recipes – What Is Healthy For My Dog?

In the last few years the pet food industry has been rocked by dog food scandals. Multiple commercial dog food products have been recalled due to the finding of unhealthy ingredients.

So what is the best dog food to give your dog?

Some commercial dog food products have been found to be so deficient in important nutrients that canines who rely on these long-term develop hypersensitivity to their environment!

Even worse, some of the ingredients still being put in certain pet foods were banned for consumption by humans many, many years ago!

That’s the reason why many dog owners are turning their back on commercial pet foods and making their own healthy dog food at home with natural dog food recipes.

As a responsible dog owner you also need to realize that there are many foods that humans eat that are dangerous to dogs. Here are several examples: onions, brocolli and raisins. There are many more and you need to know which foods to avoid and whether to avoid these completely or just keep the intake low.

The reason human foods are not always good is because dogs are very different to humans. Canines have simple stomachs and shorter digestive tracts for digesting meat. And unfortunately the cooking process used by commercial dog food companies kills off the enzymes that are needed by dogs to aid the digestion process.

One of the best favors you can do for your dog is to feed him foods that are natural for dogs to eat. In order to make natural dog food you will need two sets of information. Here is what you need to know.

1. A list of human foods that are not good for your dog. Some of these you should never, ever give to a dog. Others may be okay in smaller quantities.

2. A set of healthy dog food recipes so you can prepare healthy dog food at home.

Once you read and follow this information about the best dog food to feed your dog, it is quite possible your dog will live a long and happier life!