Dog Cancer – Why Diet Is So Important

Dog cancer responds to a good diet as well as medication

While natural dog health is what we usually recommend, dog cancer can sometimes happen. In cases like this cancer medication for dogs may often be the only solution. In the video below, you’ll see a happy situation where a cancer drug for dogs is now also helping humans.

It has been said that it’s not the cancer that kills, it’s the side effects. Side effects of dog cancer can be liver or kidney failure. Avoiding these secondary diseases can be best controlled through diet. A good diet for cancer in dogs contains mostly protein with other beneficial ingredients like omega fatty acids for maximum tissue repair.

A good dog cancer diet is not based on grains (carbohydrates). Most commercial dog foods are grain based, usually soy, corn or rice. As with humans, a dog’s digestive system is actually not made to deal with an excess of grain and too much grain will fill the dog’s stomach at the expense of the more nutritious ingredients.

A diet like the above is also good for preventing dog cancer, or most other dog diseases for that matter. Some people think a high protein diet for dogs will work out too expensive. While this may be true in one way, you have to offset the cost of food with vet bills and the heartbreaking cost of a dog with cancer.

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