Do You Know Whats In Your Dog’s Dog Food?

Dog Eat Dog – What’s Inside The Food We Feed our Pets Dog Nutrition Information PET FOOD INGREDIENTS WE URGE EVERY PET OWNER TO LEARN MORE ABOUT PET FOOD INGREDIENTS.SINCE MOST DOGS AND CATS ARE FED THE SAME DIET EVERY DAY FOR THEIR ENTIRE LIVES. UNLIKE PEOPLE, WHO EAT SOME “JUNK FOOD” BUT EAT MOSTLY HEALTHY FOOD, PETS THAT EAT POORLY MADE FOODS DAILY MAY SUFFER NEEDLESSLY FROM HEALTH PROBLEMS. To Learn more about reading dog food labels are preservative-free, VISIT EARL WOLFE’S WEBSITE AT:… There’s a retail boom going on in North America. While consumer spending is down in many areas, savvy companies have learned that there is very little the doting owner can deny their pet. The result is a virtual explosion of products, toys and pet foods. In fact, one of the most profitable items on the shelf at your local grocer’s is not steak .Feel the pain For the poor animals being tortured today!And step up for them!

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7 Responses to Do You Know Whats In Your Dog’s Dog Food?

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes I was also aware of the ingredients in some pet foods. I always read the label on dog food before I purchase them. But when I see other people buying things like pedigree, I just don’t understand why they would want to feed their dogs that have poor ingredients. As a owner you just need to spend a few bucks more for quality food.

  • steven j says:

    You’re so right. Pets like cats and dog need meat at LEAST once a week . People who give their pets just dry food are basically putting them on the equivalent of putting a human on a diet of fruit loops.

  • dual_rea says:

    Ummmmmm……….yea…my dog eats just fine.

  • Sati says:

    Yes I do know what is in my dog’s food. I think that everyone should know how to read the ingredients for their pets food so they can know if there is euthanized dog or cat ground up in the food. The actual animal does not hurt them but the chemicals used is not good for them. I even make my aussie’s treats at home. Nothing but the best for my baby and hopefully yours as well.

  • pa625 says:

    yes i knew i feed only nutro products

  • goofaraw says:

    I feed my dogs Merrick – wilderness blend. There are tons of premium dog foods to choose from.. california natural, nurtro, chicken soup for the dog lovers soul, innova, wellness, canidae, etc. You’ll find it also keeps their coats in beautiful condition!

  • Mac Attack says:

    Yes I do and I am appalled. I rang the whiskers company to say I was not happy that my cats (one) in particular has huge health problems and was told “have you taken your cat to the vet”? Well, if that is not admitting that their product is shite I don’t know what is.
    In America they have a saying ‘The 3D’s”, there is nothing that is too dead, dis-eased, or too dying that can be scraped off the road, that comes from the vets and animals shelters. These animals are taken to the rendering factories where the animals are boiled until a scum on the top forms. What ever sinks to the bottom is pelletised and used as a bulking mechanism in our animal food.
    Look I could go on but too much to read. But I am aware and tell anyone I know who has animals. All we want to know now, is where we can purchase organic pet food, in our local area. Brisbane, Australia.
    Thank you for doing this, its the animals I feel for.