Common Reasons for Dog Barking Problems

I cannot get the thought of barking dogs off my mind this morning. I guess that is because last night I angrily  laid awake listening to my neighbor’s pack of unruly dogs barking at coyotes throughout the night. I had all night long to think about the many nearby dogs that suffered from a variety of barking issues. Thinking about it made me realize I was in a neighborhood periodically terrorized by relentless barking episodes.

Below I have listed several of the very common reasons your dog may have a problem with excessive barking behavior . You will have some work to do with your dog to correct the problem if he suffers from this behavior-actually I think we suffer a lot more from the barking than they do. Unfortunately, the problem of your dog’s excessive barking will not just go away all by itself.

  • One very common reason that a dog will start barking is when it sees another dog or a stranger somewhere within its visual range.This is just a  part of their instinct for protecting their territory and it is quite natural. This becomes problem barking  when a dog just won’t stop the barking even after it has made its point. When the offending object has moved along, the dog feels a positive reinforcement of sorts, thinking he was responsible for chasing the person or dog away form the area that he can see.
  • Another frequent reason for the problem to start is when your dog hears another dog-or, let’s say coyotes like in my case-and then begins a sort of  dog to dog conversation that goes on forever.  If you have a dog that  is out in the yard  engaging in long distance barking you can teach him not to be doing that. Excessive dog barking  is a problem you should not ignore, especially since all that unnecessary barking is annoying for you (and your neighbors, too).
  • Stressed out and insecure dogs are likely to bark for insignificant reasons. These types of dogs have a lot of nervous anxiety issue,a dog will bark for no obvious reason whatsoever. Unless they are with their masters, this kind of dog barking problem can happen throughout the day or night. A buddy of mine had a dog that was so nervous, I actually saw it barking furiously at a leaf that fell from a tree. That dog was really nervous. All this barking about nothing, made it hard to be around the dog and relax at the same time.
  • If a dog is bored and lonely enough he may start a barking rant, just to let everyone else know how he feels.  A dog that is left alone most of the time and doesn’t get enough attention and playtime and  from its master is the most likely dog to have this behavior.
  • Occasionally your dog may bark non-stop at you to play with them or feed them or something, and he won’t stop until he gets it-no matter if you are already working on something else. If the dog respected its master as the Alpha dog, he would not be trying that. As a matter of fact, when you give in and feed him or play with him after he barks excessively at you for attention, you are actually teaching him that he can boss you around. Until I put an end to my dog’s training of me, my Lab used to get a kick out of bossing me around when she wanted to play some more.

Give these tips a try for controlling your dog’s habitual or excessive barking behaviors. Please check out my full review of the best on line dog training program.

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