Come When Called – Dog Training Exercise

One thing that every dog must do is come when called. This is for the dogs own good as well as the welfare of other pets and people. Dogs need to be taught this for their own good because they can run into danger, like a car or an untrained animal. Once a dog is trained to come when called, you can take him out in public places.

It is not hard training for dogs to learn how to come when called. Basically, you would give your dog special treats when it listens to you. Training should be enjoyable for both your pet and you.

Before you start this type of dog teach training, make sure the animal is going to react positively to the type of food you will give him. Show the food to your pet and let him smell it. If he likes it, you can start.

Use small size food when dog pet training. You do not want to feed the animal too much where he does not get motivated to want to more food. Chicken and cheese are good to use.

Many professional dog trainers want the dog owner to work with them when they train the dog. This is because the dog must not only listen to one person. They need to understand that they need to listen to anyone who is in charge of them. If someone in your family member wants to watch the dog, he will have a problem if your dog only listens to you. Have a friend or family member call the dog and then you do the same. Have your dog go back and forth, going from you to your friend. This is a great exercise. Stand approximately 30 feet away from each other in a safe place. You can call the dog and tell it to sit. Your friend can call the dog after you and then he can give the dog the treat. Every time the dog comes, give him a treat.

Try spreading out further and further away from each other. The dog will eventually have to look for you. It must search for you to get the food. This will teach the dog how to come when called.

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