Cleaning a Dog’s Teeth

Do you feel like throwing up every time your dog breathes into your face? Dogs are probably one of the most loved animals. Dog lovers would always want to have the pet around, but dogs and bad breath can be offputting. Dogs are often seen being hugged and kissed by their owners. Owners make sure that these pets are regularly groomed because not only do they live inside the home; they also sleep with the family.

Owners spend wonderful bonding moments with the pet during bathing and coat brushing sessions but not many dog owners would enjoy cleaning the pet’s teeth. Dental care that should have been made a part of the grooming routine often takes a back seat. Dogs would not really put up a fight when bathed, when the ears are cleaned and when the nails are trimmed. Of course, dogs love having their coats brushed. Dogs though would draw the line at tooth brushing given that these animals would not appreciate having the mouth and teeth violated.

Proper dental care is very important for canines as unlike in humans, the enzyme that prevents food from sticking to the teeth is not present in their saliva. Non-brushing of teeth in canines would result to plaque and tartar buildup. Dogs don’t really get cavities but the tartar and plaque that cause bad breath would also cause teeth to fallout. Dogs unlike humans cannot use dentures thus ensuring that the pet receives proper dental care is one of the responsibilities of a dog owner.

Dental health concerns that would require canine dentist visits can be avoided if the dog teeth is cleaned at least twice a week. This regular dental care would not only ensure the pet’s dental health but prevent the development of periodontal diseases that can lead to serious heart concerns as well. Although dog owners are aware of the health benefits dogs can get from regular dental care, most would not dare do the grooming routine lest the hands would get nipped by the dog’s teeth.

Dogs though are not only adaptable; these animals can also be trained easily. Dogs can be easily trained to tolerate tooth brushing. Training can be started by getting the dog accustomed to being touched in the mouth. The dog’s character of being food motivated can be used in introducing the dental grooming routine the dog. A dab of peanut butter on the tip of the doggie toothbrush would get the dog’s interest. This will accustom the dog to the feel of the toothbrush on its mouth. Substitute the peanut butter with chicken, beef or malt flavored doggie toothpaste. The lips can now be flipped and the brush gently used on the teeth.

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