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The Facts About Dog Teeth Cleaning May Surprise You!

Dog teeth cleaning – an important part of canine health

Dog teeth cleaning may not be high on you list of favorite pastimes, but it’s one chore that can save you a lot of money in the future if you learn to do it properly.

Many dog owners think that the popular dog teeth cleaning chews on the market can do a good enough job. Although these do help a little, the can’t be substituted for a proper teeth cleaning session. They are the equivalent of a human eating an apple to clean their teeth; it can be ok for a substitute clean when a toothbrush is not available, but for a proper clean, a toothbush has to be used. The same apples to your dog.

The latest report from the American Animal Hospital Association shows that over three quarters of all adult dogs suffer from various dental diseases, not to mention “doggy breath“. This surprising report states that dog teeth cleaning is one of the practices considered least important in maintaining a dog’s health. However this is not the case.

We usually visit our dentist once every 6 or 12 months but our dog’s teeth might be left untreated or cleaned for years. Many of us still believe that our dogs can clean their own teeth and as long as our dogs have no eating problems then they are OK. The true fact is that dogs cannot clean their own teeth.

Full dog teeth cleaning needs to be performed by a veterinarian but several cleaning procedures to decrease the risk of dog dental diseases can be performed at home. To start the cleaning process, you need to bring your dog to your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will anesthetize your dog, examine your dog’s mouth, and clean the teeth thoroughly. If there are dental diseases that need to be treated, a treatment plan will be given. Teeth removal might need to be performed in some conditions. After the cleaning process, you will be given follow-up date and instructions to perform cleaning procedures at home.

A dog teeth cleaning generally costs between $80 and $400, it depends on type of pre-anesthetic blood-work, the amount of build up on the gum and teeth, the presence of dental disease, and difficulty of the job. Since you need to perform cleaning procedures at home, you need to buy dog toothpaste that costs around $30 to $60 per year.Your vet might recommend you to use some other cleaning kits that might cost you around $25 to $100+. The prices of the kits highly depend on the brand name. As a conclusion, if you love your dog and want your dog to stay healthy, make sure he has proper dog teeth cleaning on a regular basis.

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Professional Dog Care

For many of us, a “welcome home” from a pet is just another sign of why we work hard and lead busy lives. In reality over 57% of American homes have pets. That is more U.S. homes with pets than with youngsters. And if you are one of the average pet owners that can’t always take their pets with them on pleasure or work trips, you’ll be facing the necessity to find quality professional dog care while you are away.

Dog ownwers today are taking better care of their pets than ever before. Just about 45% of animal owners carry around photos of their pets. 1/2 of all animal owners report that they consider their pets to be family members. Pets are a part of the family, and we expect them to be similarly cared for. And caring dog owners love the extra security and attention pets receive from pro care.

Many dog owners work long hours, get stuck at work often, or endure long commutes on an everyday basis. Home based pet care is an alternative option to leaving your pet home alone for extended amounts of time. This is a nice option for puppies being housetrained and new pets just learning the routine.

Did you know 76% of dog owners use some form of pet care while traveling. Many pet care professionals have developed a web site that may answer the most common and crucial questions pet owners could ask – including Are they insured? Have they got references? Do they have employees? Are overnights available? What are their rates? Are there any coupons available? And how long have you been in operation?

So if you are one of the married pet owners who greet their pet first when you return home from work, or are one of the 65% that have sung or danced with your pet, consider contacting your local pet sitter or home-run dog boarding and day care to set up an “initial consultation” (usually free). You will be happy you did the next time you find yourself stuck late at work knowing your puppy isn’t waiting patiently by the door with crossed legs!

Lyn Jones has been offering home dog boarding for over 10 years. Her Oregon City dog boarding facility is handy to those searching for a dog boarding Oregon City facility and doggie day-care Portland .

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Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs to Treat Osteoarthritis

Liquid glucosamine for dogs

Dogs suffer from osteoarthritis too and the answer can be as simple for them as it is for us humans. Liquid glucosamine for dogs is a safe natural way to alleviate the pain caused by arthritis in dogs. This article explains the benefits.

As our pets age, a lot of them will develop symptoms and indicators of joint disease. The most common joint disorder in dogs as they age is called osteoarthritis. This illness in dogs is very much the same as the illness that humans suffer from. There are several treatment choices available for joint disease in both humans and canines.

There are essentially 2 courses of treatment. One is to help in treating the immediate symptoms and making the person or dog more at ease in the short term. This is how the majority of the prescribed medications work. They do not address the actual issue of the degeneration taking place with in the joints. Instead they simply mask or hide the pain due to this degenerative process resulting from osteoarthritis. By employing a natural reinforcement products such as liquid Synflex glucosamine, the body is better able to address the issue because it’s given the building bricks necessary to help regenerate the damaged tissue caused by osteoarthritis. It only makes sense that this would be a better course of treatment than simply masking those draining symptoms due to the joint metastatic inflammation illness.

Synflex liquid glucosamine for dogs offers 1500 mg in every dose. This is significant when it’s considered that tablets and pills regularly only contain about a hundred mg each of glucosamine. This means that 5 to 6 pills or pills of glucosamine would need to be taken everyday in order to have the same mg of glucosamine supplied by the Synflex product.

Additionally, studies have shown the supplement provided in the liquid form is typically better absorbed than when it’s supplied by pills and tablets. Also, there are fillers and other products in the tablets and capsules that are not needed or absorbed by the body. In addition to this, taking a liquid type of the supplement is far simpler for many individuals and also for dogs matched against having to take pills and capsules.

As an example, rather than having to cope with giving your dog a tablet, which can be a particularly difficult process for some animals, it’s far simpler to simply pour the daily dose of glucosamine over the dogs food at meal time. The Synflex product features an straightforward to pour measuring spout built into the bottle. There’s no need to dirty measuring devices when providing the supplement to your dog. Simply squish the bottle and fill the reservoir to the desired dosage level indicated by the marks on the reservoir. Then tip the contents over the dogs food. It’s just that easy.

If you’ve a house dog that is ageing and now suffering the consequences with the side effects of osteoarthritis, you may have realized that she has more trouble jumping onto and off of your bed. We furnished a straightforward solution for this problem when an ageing dog started having difficulties maneuvering onto and off the bed

We wanted a simple dogs step. We checked online for the options for steps in stayers that a dogs and getting onto and off of furniture and beds, but we found them to be cheap and generally very reasonably made. The disease in her older dog was progressing swiftly and we wanted to find a solution for that issue right away. We were worried that with her jumping off the bed she could maybe harm herself as she put acute stress on those damaged joints that were influenced by osteoarthritis.

We made a simple dog’s step out of two pieces of plywood an old rug. I cut one piece of plywood about 18 inches wide and about 3 feet long. This piece we could slide under the mattress about 18 inches and thus have about 18 inches of the plywood sticking out. This became the step which the dog used to easier navigate onto the bed. At the end of the step I cut another piece of plywood precisely long enough to fit under the step and reached the floor and then screwed those pieces together.

This can an ideal step as it made her jump onto the bed about half as high as it was originally. As the plywood was fitted under the mattress about 18 inches the step was also extremely stable. We also took an old throw rug and cut it to size and use they staple gun the fastened to the top of the plywood in order to give her more traction when she jumped onto the bed.

This worked amazingly well as she got older and had more and more difficulty with or joint rheumatoid arthritis. Initially, we had to teach her how to utilize the step by tempting her onto it with some food treats. It only took about 30 min. Of getting onto and off the bed when she got the idea and formed the habit of always using the step. These types of steps may also be changed and made for settees in the home if the dog is used to jumping onto and off the settee the step can provide it less complicated technique, and also quite safer, for them to get onto and off the couch.

We offer Synflex additions on our site for treating dog metastatic inflammation. Glucosamine HCL 1500 is very effective for treating the effects of this joint disease without any side effects.

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How Fleas And Ticks Can Have An Effect On Your Dog

What are the best flea remedies for dogs?

Both fleas and ricks are nasty parasites which can cause dogs a lot of discomfort. Worse than that however, fleas and ticks can cause serious dog allergies, diseases and even death if they are not controlled and eliminated. There are natural flea remedies for dogs you can try, such as herbal shampoos or you could also try adding garkic to you dog’s food as a preventative.

Fleas are miniscule brown bugs that live on your dog’s skin and feed by sucking your dog’s blood. If you part your dog’s hair you can see them jumping. Fleas can’t fly, but they can jump quite a distance and travel simply from one pet to another. They irritate the skin and make your dog uncomfortable – although not all scratching dogs have fleas.

flea treatment for dogs
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The saliva of the flea is a powerful allergenic substance that can set up a grim allergic response in a susceptible dog. In that sort of case the dog will lose a great deal of fur, particularly above the tail, and develop scaly skin on his back. He’ll doubtless scratch himself so persistently, the skin bleeds. This condition is often known as fleabite rash. Besides causing skin irritation, the flea is the unlikely host of the tapeworm – an internal bug.

Ticks are about size of a pinhead, and tend to inhabit the parts of the dog where the hair is thin. They will burrow into the pet’s skin and eat the animal’s blood. When they’re distended with blood, ticks expand to roughly the dimensions of a pea. After the tick is ended its banquet, it will lay its eggs into a crack or cleft, and fall off the dog. Mostly with pets, you’ll only find 1 or 2 ticks, which you can simply remove with tweezers or suffocate with petroleum jelly. Another good secret is to spray an insect repellant onto the head of the tweasers before you try to remove the tick – this could regularly cause the tick to release it’s hold on your dog’s skin making allowances for straightforward removal.

Some ticks are devastating and so it is essential that you protect you dog especially during the sumer months when ticks are most prelevant. Many spot on flea treatments will provide the best flea treatment for dogs and will also defend against the most typical ticks.

Fleas and ticks can cause chaos in your pet’s life, causing anything from mild scratching and pain thru to dreadful sickness and sometimes death. Once fleas enter your environment, they spread and multiply at an intense rate. The best flea treatments for dogs change on your preferences with a bunch of different products you can use to get rid of fleas and ticks from your pet as well as your house. Nevertheless it is advisable to talk to your vet or a professional before essentially using any of these products as they can be poisoness to your pet, other pets or you.

The Pet Lovers Network is a web space for animal owners to hang, ask questions and gloat about their pets. We provide the latest recent info on pet care goods and services as well as info on all things pet. Have a look at our article on flea remedies for dogs

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