Canine Urinary Tract Infection

Canine Urinary Tract Infection – What is it and how to prevent it?

If your dog has a canine urinary tract infection (UTI), your vet will generally prescribe an antibiotic and possibly an antimicrobial medication to cure it. A canine urinary tract infection can start with an immune system which as been weakened by bacteria, the most common being e-coli. This could be due to a contaminated water supply or eating and drinking out of unclean dishes, but it could also be due to something gross that your dog has eaten somewhere else entirely (you know what they’re like!)

Female dogs are more prone to developing a UTI due to the fact that they have a shorter urethra and the bacteria can enter the bladder more easily. It’s important to be proactive if your dog has a UTI as the bacteria can travel from the urethra to other organs including the kidneys which can pose a serious health hazard.

Canine urinary tract infection can be treated naturally. You may be lucky enough to find a holistic vet nearby, otherwise there are natural herbal blends that can treat UTI without the side effects of antibiotics.

To prevent canine UTI, ensure your dog’s dishes and bowls are kept clean and their diet is healthy. This will keep their immune system health and prevent infections such as UTI. Including a natural antibiotic, like garlic, with their food adds another layer of prevention agaist canine urinary tract infection.