Canine Diabetes – The Seven Symptoms You Must Know

Even though canine diabetes is becoming more and more common, many dog owners don’t know the symptoms of diabetes in dogs.  But ignorance is not bliss for your canine friend.If left untreated, diabetes in canines can cause blindness, infections, and death. 

Anyone who has a canine companions should know these seven symptoms seen in dogs with diabetes.

1. Drinking Lots Of Water

Never ignore this.  A dog who suddenly becomes very thirsty and is drinking lots of water may have high blood sugar levels.  In an attempt to flush some of the extra glucose out of her system, her body will be demanding more water.

Some dogs increase their water consumption so gradually that you may not be aware of it until she starts urinating a lot more often.

2. Urinating More Often Can Be A Sign of Canine Diabetes

If your pup is having accidents in the house because she can’t wait to get outside, or if she’s asking to go out more often, diabetes in canines may be the cause.

3. Her Get Up and Go Got Up and Went

A formerly peppy pup doesn’t want to do anything but lay around.  She seems weak and lethargic, not like her usual happy self.  She seems to have lost her interest in life.

4. Sudden Weight Gain Or Loss

If your dog has a sudden weight gain or loss, especially if she’s ravenously hungry, canine diabetes may be the reason. This is espcially true if she’s always hungry, but is losing weight.

5. Her Breath Smells Sweet

You notice that your dog’s breath smells sweet, not like the usual “dog breath.”.  This indicates that your dog has high blood glucose levels.  Take her to the vet right away.

6. Shivering or Shaking

A dog with the shakes may have hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar.  Your pet needs immediate veterinary treatment.

7. Infections That Never Seem To Go Away

A pet who has recurring urinary tract infections, gum infections, or fungal infections may have canine diabetes.  A decreased resistance to infections is one of the symptoms of diabetes in dogs. 

You May Not Notice Any Of These Symptoms of Canine Diabetes

Sometimes dogs with diabetes don’t show any of these symptoms because the disease changes their bodily functions so slowly.  This is why canine diabetes is known as the “silent killer.”

Can diabetes in canines be prevented?  Yes, it can.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Keep your dog slim and trim
  • Avoid feeding dry dog food.  Feed her a high quality canned food that’s high in fiber and low in fat..
  • Having her spayed will prevent the high estrogen levels that can sometimes interfere with insulin production.
  • Regular exercise will keep her in good condition, as well as helping to keep her blood sugar at normal levels.

Can natural remedies for dogs help?  Research has shown that certain herbs and dietary supplements may play a role in normalizing your pet’s blood glucose levels.    However, once canine diabetes has developed, your pet will need to be on insulin for the rest of her life.  Prevention is definitely the best cure.

Don’t continue to believe that ignorance about canine diabetes is bliss.  Protect your pet by knowing the symptoms of diabetes in dogs.  Click on any link above to learn more.

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