Can A Dog Get Sick From Eating This?

I think my dogs are getting into human poo somewhere!
So gross. The one little dog vomited and stinks just like crap. human crap. I’m wondering if this can poison a dog and make it act drunk?
are there any illnesses a dog can catch from doing that?
I caught a whiff and almost vomited myself. it was definately what it smelled like, and looked like it too.
What are the health hazards of a dog doing this?

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4 Responses to Can A Dog Get Sick From Eating This?

  • Weimaraner Mom says:

    Where the heck would your dogs be getting into human feces??? I doubt they would be poisoned as one time my sisters dog got a hold of a fast food container left by the builders when I finally caught up to her I examined what she’d been eating and I swear it smelled like human feces I about died. Needless to say she was fine. The only thing in human feces is what they ate the night before.
    I’m sure it’s not healthy so keep a closer eye on what they get into and don’t let them wander the neighborhood alone.

  • MOO COWNESS says:

    Um..First wow. Where would a dog find human crap in the first place but anyways.
    I would have to say it depends on what the person ate. If it continues I would take your dog to the vet ASAP.

  • Moon says:

    None that I know of assuming it is indeed human feces.

  • . says: