Buy The Best Dog Food Your Budget Will Allow

Most people believe that feeding their dog is the easiest part of owning it. However, this is not necessarily true.You need to pay close attention to both the quality of food you provide and the quantities provided.It is very important to carefully check the ingredients on the bag when looking for the best dog food on the market. Unfortunately, numerous pet owners choose to compare price tags instead.If you want your dog to have a glossy coat, bright eyes, energy and good overall health then a good quality dog food is essential.

It is easy to discover the ingredients used in your dog’s food – simply read the packaging. Manufacturers have to show you the ingredients by law.It is widely acknowledged that dog’s are not vegetarian and they prefer to eat meat in their diet.With this in mind you need to find a dog food where the very first ingredient is meat, whether this is chicken, beef, lamb, pork etc.

At the bottom end of the price scale many cheap dog food products will only contain meat by-products. These should be avoided as they offer little nutritional value.Dog food containing soya should also be avoided as research shows that an increasing number of dogs are allergic or intolerant to it.There are now specialist dog foods available that in addition to providing a nutritionally balanced meal can also improve certain aspects of the animals physical well-being.The variety of specialist dog food is growing and there are foods which can for example help to clean your dog’s teeth whilst she chews, or food ideal for dogs with sensitive skin.

Oils also form an essential part of a dogs diet and oils containing Omega 6 and 3 can help to boost your dogs health and skin quality.

To see an increase in your pet’s energy level, choose foods that are high in proteins and carbohydrates. This is extremely important if you own a working dog that burns many calories each day.Remember though that as your dog becomes older and less active her diet will need adjusting as she will require a lower calorie intake.Many dog oweners prefer to buy canned dog food. This is a good option but you need to check that the main ingredient listed is not water.

You will find that many of the cheaper dog food products sold in a can contain water as the main ingredient and this is due to cutting costs.A diet based on canned, wet food should be supplemented with a daily dry snack which your dog can chew on, such as a bone or chewy stick.Research is showing that a good quality dog food packed full of the right ingredients provides enormous boost to your pets overall health and appearance.The ticket price of premium dog foods is generally higher but portion sizes are usually smaller, so the cost per bowl will often work out the same as a cheap supermarket type feed.

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