Border collie dog: a working partner than a pet?

The Industrial Revolution was a catalyst in the development of the sheepherder border collie dogs that we know today. Back then, with demand for mutton and wool rising, the Victorian masters were momentarily at a loss how to manage the sheep that would soon populate vast acres of unfenced land in the countryside. The innovative, albeit adventurous solution came in the form of border collies dogs.

But what specific breeding intervention led to border collie dogs being nearly peerless in terms of canine IQ? Some innovative breeders in the nineteenth century must have felt that the farm collie would be in top condition with the addition of other noteworthy traits, such as the “eye” of a setter, or the lightning speed of a racing hound. A border collie trial champion is thus truly blessed, since its qualities are very hard to maintain in breeding. Breeding in general risks bringing upon breeders the dimmest of uncertainties, and the danger of losing all carefully-preserved qualities.

Since their early history revolved on recovering sheep from the hills, border collies dogs have always been known as gatherers, rather than drovers or tenders. But they are also capable of learning to send stock away from the shepherd, and even to hold their charges up to a certain extent. They are also literally in tune when it comes to subtle variations in the whistles they are accustomed to, responding accordingly.

It’s a whole new issue when talking about the breed as house pets; the degrees of satisfaction in owning a border collie dog are as varied and numerous as the degree of collie mastery or ignorance among home owners. Indeed, there is a whole world of frustrations that can be avoided if the would-be owner would only appraise his or her ability to meet the dog’s needs based on his or her own needs, lifestyle, and skills, or at least know how border collie training can help the dog.

Some people are true experts when it comes to steering the dog’s herding instinct, high energy, and quick minds,and these find their dogs maturing into fulfilled, disciplined workers. Others find out too late just how demanding it is to raise this extra-special breed, and the owner undergoes crisis after crisis, and relentless worrying as to what way he or she could have failed in raising the dog. The worst ending for an impulse buy, or irresponsibility in raising the dog is that the animal finds no home is willing to take it in, leaving no other option but the dog’s destruction. The conclusion? Each every border collie fan needs to check how well they can meet mental and physical needs.

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