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Affordable Canine Nutrition – Where Can We Find It?

Canine nutrition for your dog’s health

Should we worry about what our dogs eat? Canine nutrition may be the first thing to suffer when a family is trying to cut their costs. After all food is food, right? Does it really make a difference if we buy a generic brand from the supermarket? After all everyone knows we pay for the name.

Buying cheap dog food is actually a false economy. Why? Because your dog cannot possibly be the healthiest he can be on cheap supermarket dog food. Think about it; if you go on a diet of cheap junk food for a month, how would you feel? Poor dog nutrition can leave your dog exposed to a host of health problems and maybe even a shortened life span. As in humans, poor canine nutrition can lead to diseases such as canine diabetes and they will also be more likely to be at risk of viral disorders as their immune system will not be functioning at an optimal level.

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Dog food that contains cheap carbohydrate fillers will wreck your dog’s health sooner ot later. Dog’s have different digestive systems to ours and are unable to process carbohydrates efficiently.

Are Carbs Making Your Dog Fat? – Dog Nutrition Guide

There is a significant difference between humans and dogs in their need for carbohydrates and in their ability to digest them. The digestive tract of a human is longer than that of a dog, and the formation of jaws and teeth is entirely different.

If you really want your dog to have the best, then how do you go about finding the best dog food? There are so many different brands of dog food on the market, picking the best at a price you can afford can be challenging…

Top Dog Nutrition – 4 Tested Methods to determine the Perfect Food


Top Dog Nutrition – 4 Tested Methods to determine the Perfect Food In your Dog. Mar13 2012 Written by jane1979. Picking the right commercial retail outlet bought food for one’s dog feeding is a really huge difficult task with best food for dogs

If the family budget is really tight, we have to cut back somewhere. Have you considered buying your dog food online? Sometimes this can be cheaper any many online stckists don’t have the expensive overheads to pay. The following article may give you some ideas.

Maintaining Proper Nutrition For Your Pet In Tough Times


Maintaining Proper Nutrition For Your Pet In Tough Times. Smiling Dog All Natural Dog Bakery Treat Recipes. Dog owners living on a tight spending plan could be tempted to seek a reasonable alternative to change from the

In breaking news, a pet food company called Horizen Pet Nutrition has brough out a resonably priced grain free pet food called Horizon. It claims excellent canine nutrition, great taste and a resonable price and is selling like hot cakes! Take a look below.

Horizon Pet Nutrition has experienced explosive growth with the introduction … – Seattle Post Intelligencer

Horizon Pet Nutrition has experienced explosive growth with the introduction …Seattle Post IntelligencerHorizon Pet Nutrition has experienced explosive growth with the introduction of their newest grain-free dog food, Pulsar. Horizon Pet Nutrition …

Dog Nutrition Part 1 – Functional Approach

An overview of dog nutrition from a functional medicine perspective.

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Dog Coughing? There’s Usually a Simple Explanation

Dog coughing is fairly common

Dog coughing is a common thing among dogs of different breeds and ages. Coughing in dogs, or in humans, is a reflex action that clears any obstruction from the airways to stop it from being drawn down into the lungs. It can be caused by something the dog has swallowed. However sometimes coughing is caused by allergies or kennel cough, or something more sinister such as pneumonia, bronchitis or heart-worm.

Dog coughing usually last for a few days then clears up on it’s own. However if it continues for more than a week, or it starts to get worse, then take your dog to the vet. Describe to the vet how your dog’s cough sounds. This will help them to determine what the cough may be caused by. Depending on the way your dog coughs it can be narrowed down to a specific condition. A dry cough could mean that your dog may have kennel cough that comes from bacteria or a virus. This can easily be transferred between other dogs so it is good to have it checked out as soon as possible. A moist cough may mean that there is an irritation with the dog’s throat or lungs. The vet will know what to do for these conditions.

If your dog starts coughing, allow him to rest and try to keep him quiet. Exercise will lead to rapid breathing a exacerbate the coughing reflex. Make sure your dog has a clean, dry and well ventilated area in which to rest. Your dog may also be experiencing throat problems so switch to a softer canned food for a few day if his normal diet is dried food.

If your dog has a dry raspy cough, you can help him by providing a moist environment. Take your dog into the bathroom with you while you shower. The steam generated by the hot water will ease a dry cough. Don’t use this method for a most cough.

Most times when your dog has a cough it is nothing to be concerned about but if the cough is constant and does not let up you will need to take your dog to the vet for further medical attention. Some of the treatments for dogs with persistent coughs may be medications, cough suppressants, and antibiotics. These treatments and others may be given to your dog depending on the cause of the dog coughing.

Never give a dog human medication, even something as harmless sounding as cough suppressants, these are not meant for dogs and can suppress a cough when the animal is trying to clear phlegm from his lungs. Leave the medication side of things to an experienced vet.

Dog coughing can be a scary thing for any pet owner if you are not sure why your dog is coughing. If you have a pet that has an excessive or strange sounding cough, or the cough continues for more than a week or is getting worse, the best thing to do is to take them to the vet for the proper treatment.

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What to do About a Dog Ear Infection

Dog ear infections can be mild or stubborn. Whatever kind of dog ear problems you are dealing with, it’s best to visit the vet as even mild ear infections can quickly develop into chronic ones that are resistant to antibiotics.

Dogs with large floppy ears are the most susceptible to dog ear infections due to possible build up of moisture within the ear. It’s best not to allow water to enter the ears and if it does, make sure to dry them out thoroughly afterwards.

Following is an article that spells out the causes of canine ear infections and how to prevent them…

Canuckclicks Article Directory: Dog Ear Infections


Ear mites and bacteria contagions are 2 of the large reason for dog ear infections. Poor cleanliness and an unhealthy environment may also cause the contagions. If a dog swims a lot than excess moisture can build up in their

Ear Infections In Dogs – The Toronto Pet Daily


Dog Ear Infections While dog ear infections are not generally a serious condition, they can turn into one pretty quick. They are also very uncomfortable for your dog, so it is important to identify them as soon as possible so you

Of course cleaning your dog’s ears are a good way to prevent ahost of ear problems. Not sure how to di it? This video gives some helpful tips…

Cleaning your Dog’s Ears (Treating the Ear Infection)

This video is based on Dr. Alison Flanigan explaining how to safely keep your dog’s ears maintained, and also how to treat a dog’s ear infection. Alison also covers how to generally clean out your dogs ears with harming your pet. Dr. Flanigan is Vet …

Ear Health | Dogs Naturally Magazine


One of the first signs of an ear infection is the dog shaking his head and scratching excessively at his ears. Otitis (inflammation of the ear canal) is usually accompanied by redness of the ear flaps. Often, the sign of an

Cleaning your Dog’s Ears (Treating the Ear Infection)

This video is based on Dr. Alison Flanigan explaining how to safely keep your dog’s ears maintained, and also how to treat a dog’s ear infection. Alison also covers how to generally clean out your dogs ears with harming your pet. Dr. Flanigan is Vet …

And here’s some information on natural dog ear infection cures on Twitter…


4 Steps To Follow When Using Natural Cures For Dog Ear Infections. read more

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 8:52:10 AM

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The Facts About Dog Teeth Cleaning May Surprise You!

Dog teeth cleaning – an important part of canine health

Dog teeth cleaning may not be high on you list of favorite pastimes, but it’s one chore that can save you a lot of money in the future if you learn to do it properly.

Many dog owners think that the popular dog teeth cleaning chews on the market can do a good enough job. Although these do help a little, the can’t be substituted for a proper teeth cleaning session. They are the equivalent of a human eating an apple to clean their teeth; it can be ok for a substitute clean when a toothbrush is not available, but for a proper clean, a toothbush has to be used. The same apples to your dog.

The latest report from the American Animal Hospital Association shows that over three quarters of all adult dogs suffer from various dental diseases, not to mention “doggy breath“. This surprising report states that dog teeth cleaning is one of the practices considered least important in maintaining a dog’s health. However this is not the case.

We usually visit our dentist once every 6 or 12 months but our dog’s teeth might be left untreated or cleaned for years. Many of us still believe that our dogs can clean their own teeth and as long as our dogs have no eating problems then they are OK. The true fact is that dogs cannot clean their own teeth.

Full dog teeth cleaning needs to be performed by a veterinarian but several cleaning procedures to decrease the risk of dog dental diseases can be performed at home. To start the cleaning process, you need to bring your dog to your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will anesthetize your dog, examine your dog’s mouth, and clean the teeth thoroughly. If there are dental diseases that need to be treated, a treatment plan will be given. Teeth removal might need to be performed in some conditions. After the cleaning process, you will be given follow-up date and instructions to perform cleaning procedures at home.

A dog teeth cleaning generally costs between $80 and $400, it depends on type of pre-anesthetic blood-work, the amount of build up on the gum and teeth, the presence of dental disease, and difficulty of the job. Since you need to perform cleaning procedures at home, you need to buy dog toothpaste that costs around $30 to $60 per year.Your vet might recommend you to use some other cleaning kits that might cost you around $25 to $100+. The prices of the kits highly depend on the brand name. As a conclusion, if you love your dog and want your dog to stay healthy, make sure he has proper dog teeth cleaning on a regular basis.

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