Any Ideas On How To Take Care Of A 1month Puppy With No Mother?

Yesterday my sisters friend called me telling my about her ex bf’s dog that had puppy’s. Unfortunately the mother got into a fight and dies. He had to get rid of them so he gave them to his ex and she sold them. When my family saw him we were instantly attached. He has not yet been name and wont really eat or drink anything. Any ideas?

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9 Responses to Any Ideas On How To Take Care Of A 1month Puppy With No Mother?

  • Jeff says:

    My advice to you is ask your local vet for all the required items you will need to take care of your puppy. Also get the puppy checked regularly because it is much harder to take care of a puppy with out its mother. Bottle method is best way to feed it just go to a local pet store and buy some puppy milk and a small bottle. Well hope this advice helps have a nice day and take good care of that puppy 😀

  • nancy b says:

    Milk supplement like Esbilac will help. In the mean time try to wean him by mixing puppy chow with water and making a pudding out of it. Let the pup eat or suck it off your fingers. I have had to wean a litter at 3 weeks. Not because I wanted too!

  • Lisa says:

    Your going to need to take the puppy to the vet asap. Than you will need to probably bottle feed it. Ask the vet, the puppy is very young and you don’t want anything to happen.

  • JenVT says:

    Needs to see a vet asap and start on a bottle feeding regimen. You can get puppy replacement formula at the gorcery store. Also, try warm “mash”- puppy kibble soaked in warm milk replacement.

  • Tigrgrl1 says:

    a one month old puppy wont want to eat hard food. it wont be used to all that. you will need to bottle feed him a milk formula. contact your vet immediately to ask for exactly what to do and what to feed him

  • Video Games says:

    Just go to the vet RIGHT now! The vet can tell you what to exactly feed him and how often / how much! And don´t feed him with normal milk that is NOT good for him!

  • Rachel [K&T] says:

    You need to see a vet, they’re the only one who can tell you how to properly feed and take care of a puppy that young.

  • take the pup to the vet and have the vet check it over.

  • WP Robot says:

    Take a bottle and feed it milk. Other then that, ask a vet. He/She would know. Hope he is well!