Anti Bark Collars – The Easy Dog Training Method

Many people have uninformed and unfounded preconceptions about the Anti Bark Collars, but still, they are the ones to stress their dogs with aggressiveness. Some dogs bark very rarely, but others made a habit of barking all the time and, unless you have no neighbors at all, people around you will get tired of the same problem every day. The truth is that constant, annoying bark is enough to really annoy someone. Barking can pose problems when it comes to your relationship with your neighbors, as well as with the law. In some jurisdictions, the law inforces dog owners to get rid of their pets if these dogs bark too often.

Sometimes, the only solution people think of is giving their dog away. Don’t imagine that most such dogs end up in good places; many of them cannot live with other families. In the end, your dog will probably end up in a shelter. How anyone can possibly believe that this type of treatment is more humane than a negligible static shock is beyond belief.

Movies promoting prejudices about the dog collars made many people get the wrong ideas about these items. In reality however, these reports are written by those who claim to love be devoted dog lovers, yet they’ve never taken the time to actually research anti bark collars. There are people who also believe that you need to shave the dog’s neck so that the collar works best. Other reports make claims of burn marks, and this in itself shows just how misinformed these people are. The internet is the perfect place to read such absurd stories about bark collars.

Actually, bark collars are rather harmless. The stimuli they apply can be resembled to those of static shocks. These shocks are annoying, but bearable and harmless. And, of course, static shock is irritating, but has never hurt you.

Many dogs today are still alive because the anti bark collars have been invented. Almost all people who purchased a bark collar are happy with their new product, as the barking problem is solved in a matter of days. Moreover, the Anti Bark Collars warn the dogs before administering the shock itself. Only when the dog barks insistently, the shock is administrated, and rises in intensity with the duration of the barking. Even so, even the most powerful stimuli is still harmless for your pet, and it can be associated with the intensity of static shock. After all, there are only two tiny batteries delivering the charge in the first place.