How To Stop Dog Digging

Tips on How to Stop Dog Digging.

When they are bored, dogs are likely to dig. When it’s not boredom, dogs dig as a response to an animal urge.Digging can look harmless but it’s not; your dog can be seriously in danger especially if he lets himself out of your yard. Digging is quite possibly damaging. Left with his digging habits unmodiffied, your pet becomes a destructive animal. Leaving your dog unsupervised will rapidly turn your yard into an ugly mess.

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Understanding  Unlocks the Mystery.

What triggers your dog to dig? Being able to answer that allows you to deal with the behavior. Even non-experts are able to that. Deliberately observe your pet for a week or two. Paying enough attention makes you uncover certain behavioral patterns. Note the digging triggers. If you watch closely enough, you’ll start to recognize when they’re about to dig.

If your dog is just an energetic digger, poking holes here and there, it is likely to be boredom digging. Take your dog out to the street and walk him. Hour-long rigorous exercises every day positively channels your dog’s hyperactivity and keeps him content. Dogs are working animals; they’re naturally supplied with more energy. Depleting that extra energy daily is a must.

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If your dog is fond of garden-digging, there are a variety of reasons for that. There are plenty of interesting sights and smells in a garden. Manures used for planting are very intriguing to scent-hounding dogs. A selection of herbs and flowers carry a variety of scents through the air and can get your dog to dig. There are also quite a number of different things in the garden. Plants for one can certainly inspire a dog’s curiousity. If this is your case, make use of a sprinkler to help.

When the dog wanders off in the garden and begins digging, spray him with water. Be certain the dog associates the water with the sprinkler and not with you. If he knows you had something to do with the spray, he’ll stop digging only when you’re around. If he associates the spraying with the garden warning him off, he won’t dig when the sprinkler is visible.

If all your efforts don’t keep him from digging, designate a part of the garden for him to dig. Give your dog a digging treat like you give a child a sandbox. Entice the dog to a specific digging place by burying treats or toys to a certain spot. Start by only half-burying your treats so that the other half sticks out and your dog notices it. Encourage this behavior by sounding thrilled and commanding your dog to dig. The next time he begins digging outside the area, attract his attention to his digging spot.

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