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My name’s Mike and I’m the owner of a few sites about natural health. I got to thinking “Natural health and natural remedies are just as important for dogs as they are for humans, so why not do a site on natural dog health care as well?”

It’s so much better to prevent illness than it is to try and cure disease. That’s why I try to emphasize “wellness” rather than health problems here.

Of course we’ll have a look at dog health problems as well just in case your dog already has some challenges, so stay with us, we’re new but we’re growing. I hope you’ll re-visit often and feel free to leave a comment or ask a question if there’s anything I can help you with.

Overweight Buddy!

Overweight Buddy!

Here’s a picture of my dog “Buddy” just after my husband & I rescued him from the RSPCA a few years ago. Looks a bit out of condition doesn’t he? Well he’s lost weight since then & is a lot healthier.

Update October 2011 — Buddy passed away in July 2011. We went “dogless” for a while but ended up with a dear little mini maltese crossed with Shih-Tzu. The result is a lot of chewed belongings, a lot of puddles in the house, but a lot of love and laughter. Picture of “Peaches” below.Peaches

Feel free to contact me if you would like to ask a question, or have an original article you would like to post on this site. I answer every question personally.

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  • Allison says:

    Hello Wendy, I’m writing because my ageing Siberian Husky had a concerning episode last night where his hind legs would not function…he could not get up and when I helped him it was like they legs were non-responsive. The concern is that he panics – pants/drools because he cannot move…I find when I take him outside in the cooler temperatures he recovers? I believe he may have Degenerative Myleopathy, however since he is 13.5yrs old I haven’t pursued any invasive tests. He is on several supplements/glandulars/vitamins and I cook for him and his brother (littermate). I’m not sure what else I can do for him but feel his inability to sleep through the night is making things worse for him overall. I have him on conium macul., thuja 2x per day in distilled water. He is also taking Shen Calmer and Rheumannia8.
    Any ideas for helping to strengthen his hind legs would be helpful and/or ensure he sleeps through the night.
    thank you for caring

  • Chelsey says:

    Hi Wendy,

    First off, super cute Beagle. I have one myself named “Brutus” and he is kinda out of shape too, unless you consider “barrel” a shape. Anyways, he is the sweetest thing ever even if he is a howler…love the Beagle breed.

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    Best Regards,

    Chelsey Oda
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  • Chelsey says:


    …”with our pet specific ads”

    not “out”

    The hazards of personally contacting publishers and not using a robotic template.

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