6 Tips For Training Man’s Best Friend

Having a properly trained dog heightens the joy of pet ownership. Training your dog calls for fortitude, determination and some easy measures that I will outline below.

Keep it Slow And Simple

Trying to show your dog every single trick all at one time will never work. It is advisable to teach your dog a single command at any given time and ensure that he gets it before moving on to the next. It is at times tempting to try to get all instructions in at once for the sake of time but moving at your dog’s pace as opposed to your’s will be more worthwhile.

Retain a pleasing and consistent tone

Dogs react well to a cheerful and cajoling tone of voice. Utilize same tone and phrase to let him know when he properly completes each command. This indicates to your pet that what he did is the behavior that you expected. Some dog trainers advise using a whistle as it is not always easy to keep an even tone of voice to signal approval. A whistle enables you to indicate to the dog that he got it correct.

Keep the trainers to a minimum

In the initial stages of training just one person needs to be involved. Having a lot of trainers could potentially cause frustration and disorientation and undo all your efforts.

Reward Appropriately

Once your dog does something good, give him something special as a sort of positive reinforcement. Treating good behavior provides the dog reason to repeat the behavior as a way to acquire extra rewards.

Do not dwell on mistakes

Dogs are intelligent but it does not suggest that they will fully grasp everything that you instruct. New instructions should be repeated frequently until they understand and can execute. The most important thing here is to not scold them because it may produce resistance and even fright.

Train at diverse locations

Dog training in various places helps your dog to rehearse the recently learned actions in all sorts of environments. This teaches your pet that the behavior isn’t just expected in your home but in every situation and environment. It also helps him socialize with other dogs and people.

While it may seem tempting to not train your dog especially if you look solely at the work required it pays to keep at it. In the end however the efforts pay off and will be satisfying for both you and your dog.

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