5 Smart And Easy Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe

by Eric Renfro
Your dog relies upon you to keep him safe both inside your home and outside. Most owners realize that they should keep their canines on a leash while they’re outside in order to prevent their roaming into the street. But, their responsibility extends much further. In this article, we’ll provide five tips that you can use to ensure the safety of your pooch.

#1 – Keep Dangerous Poisons Out Of Reach

Your canine’s appetite isn’t limited to the meals you provide him during the day. Given the opportunity, he’ll eat items that are not meant to be consumed (at least, not by him). For example, he may begin eating antifreeze if it is left within his reach. He might also start eating mouse bait, pesticides, and your own medications. Each of these items can lead to significant health issues. Keep them out of his reach.

#2 – Tag Him

You may think it could never happen, but many owners have learned that their dogs are always willing to explore if they’re given the chance. One of the reasons animal shelters in many cities are overflowing is because canines get loose and roam until they’re found. Put a collar and tag on your pooch. Also, consider microchipping him. Then, once a week, check to make sure his collar and tags are secure.

#3 – Keep His Head In The Car

It is a rare dog that doesn’t love to ride in a car with his head sticking out of the window. The problem is that it invites bugs and debris into his eyes. Plus, if you’re involved in a traffic collision, your pooch can be injured. If he’s going to ride in the car with you, keep the windows up enough to prevent him hanging his head outside.

#4 – Make Him Ride In The Cab

Owners will often place their dogs in the exposed bed of their trucks. This is incredibly dangerous for a few reasons. First, the stopping and starting can throw him off balance, often into the sides of the vehicle. Second, taking a sharp turn while your pooch is elevated on the side of the vehicle can throw him from the back into traffic. If you own a truck and you’re bringing him along, keep him in the cab.

#5 – Have A Veterinarian On File

The worst time to look for a veterinarian is when your dog desperately needs one. You should have the name and contact information of a trusted vet within reach. That includes his or her office phone and an emergency number. You should also have a back-up veterinarian that you can take your canine to in the event your primary vet is unavailable.

Your dog’s safety is at risk from accidents. Whether he’s getting into rat poison, becomes lost, or is riding in the back of your truck, you don’t expect him to get into trouble. It happens unexpectedly. Take the time to make sure he’s as safe as possible.

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